American Standard Circuits Continues Wednesday Webinars Through September

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American Standard Circuits will be continuing their popular series of webinars on various aspects of printed circuit board technologies, currently scheduled through early September 2020.  

Webinars are held every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Central time.

Upcoming webinars are:

  • August 5th Embedded Capacitance: Discussing the use of embedded capacitance materials with guest speakers discussing Dupont and Oak-Mitsui offerings.
  • August 12th RF Materials Rogers: Covering high frequency material offerings from Rogers Corporation.
  • August 19th RF Materials Isola: Covering various high frequency material offerings from Isola.
  • August 26th Via Fill: Covering all types of via fill offerings. Talking about the pros and cons of the different options and design cost implications.
  • September 2nd RF Materials Nelco: Discussing the various high frequency material offerings from Nelco.

Talking about the webinars, American Standard Circuits President Anaya Vardya stated, “The webinars we have done so far have been very successful. So much so that we have decided to continue them into the near future. The month of August is primarily dedicated to RF Materials and we decided to augment them by having our key supplier partners join us at the different webinars. We feel this is a great way to add value to our relationships with not only our customers but with our vendors as well.”

You can register for our webinars by going to our web site or view them on-demand after the presentation.

About American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits (ASC) prides itself on being a total solutions provider, manufacturing quality rigid, metal-backed, RF/microwave, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs for the medical, automotive, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets in volumes from test and prototypes to large production orders. ASC has the expertise to provide a wide variety of technologies in a time-critical environment. Their qualifications include AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015, MIL-PRF 31032, MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-50884 certification and ITAR registration. In addition to manufacturing in the USA, ASC can transition and manage your PCB requirements to lower cost regions via its qualified supply chain of offshore partners. ASC also holds many key patents for metal bonding processes. For more information about American Standard Circuits' services or to ask one of their technology experts a question go to

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