Nano Dimension Establishes First AME NanoLab Facility to Advance Multi-Layer Printed Electronics

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Nano Dimension Ltd., an industry leader in Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME), Printed Electronics (PE), and Micro Additive Manufacturing (Micro-AM) announced a collaboration with TTM Technologies, Inc. to open its first AME NanoLab at TTM’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Stafford Springs, CT.

The AME NanoLab Network will enable customers and researchers to actively experience the complete AME workflow in two steps, from design to final prototype. This network of labs will allow clients to take advantage of the latest DragonFly IV 3D-Printer and FLIGHT software from Nano Dimension. Experts will be on hand to work one-on-one with defense, aviation, aerospace, medical, advanced industrial, and research users to support them in accelerating the development cycles for novel electronic products.

By launching the first site, named AME NanoLab@TTM, Nano Dimension and TTM intend to drive growth and new capabilities in the AME market. The alliance will draw upon TTM’s expertise in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry and deliver innovations and solutions using advanced composition and manufacturing techniques. TTM already owns and operates three Nano Dimension DragonFly systems at its Advanced Manufacturing Center.

“3D printed electronics are rapidly evolving, delivering a step-change in electronics manufacturing,” stated Sean Patterson, President of Americas, Nano Dimension. “With this industry-leading partnership, we’re launching our first AME NanoLab Network site. Our goal is to align roadmaps, research, and development to support TTM and their original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which will provide a better understanding of their use cases and materials requirements. As a result, customers will now be able to more easily explore the 3D space for Hi-PEDs while also reducing environmental impact in electronics manufacturing.”

The AME NanoLab @ TTM, and the launch of additional AME NanoLab Network sites in the future, will spearhead the ongoing development of new specifications related to IPC, MILSPEC, and Automotive and will work toward creating new AME standards within the United States. Customers will also receive critical training and consulting on their applications and use cases.

“We are excited to have a NanoLab in our Advanced Manufacturing Center,” stated Phil Titterton, Chief Operating Officer, TTM. “Our work with Nano Dimension’s equipment will complement our other efforts in additive electronics manufacturing as well as our larger Industry 4.0 efforts at TTM.”


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