Corporate, Schmorprate: Let's Get Down to American Business

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Not long ago, I read an article in The PCB Design Magazine’s sister publication, SMT Magazine that inspired me. Columnist Michele Nash-Hoff, president of ElectroFab Sales, provided me the treat of a beautifully written article discussing the loss of the “soul” in American businesses. Permit me to shout my off-the-cuff remarks in true American freedom-of-speech fashion: AMEN, sister!

When Nash-Hoff mentioned the all-too-true trend of CEOs accepting their bonuses for slashing hard-working people from their payrolls, I was grateful that my company did not operate this way. The leadership at Intercept makes it clear that we are all part of the team, that success is gained and lost by all of us as a whole, and that none of us is successful if we don’t make our customers successful. This philosophy has kept me loyal for over 11 years, and I would imagine that it is also why Intercept gets more (and better) work out of us than we knew we were capable of.

When I was recruited into EDA, fresh out of college I felt the pressure of having to wear something other than my flannel pajamas and Birkenstocks each day. When I learned that I would be attending my first industry trade show, naturally I was anxious. I felt that this was my chance to show my boss I was ready to do a great job and make myself valuable, even though I felt like a peon amongst giants.

Read the full column here.

Editor's Note: This column originally appeared in the May 2013 issue of The PCB Design Magazine.


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