SMART Group Webinar: Advances in AOI technology

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“Which AOI machine matches your requirements?” he asked, and listed factors to be taken into consideration before any purchasing decision was made: Which defects appear in my factory? What is the required detection depth? Large or small batch sizes? Is my process stable? Is there an operator available for classification? Is there a programmer available for programming? What is my expected pay-back time? What is my investment or leasing budget?

Bryant’s excellent presentation--he spoke for over an hour without pausing for breath, then gave informative answers to numerous questions--was a prelude to full-day SMART Group seminar to be held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK, December 2, where delegates will have the opportunity to share the experiences of industry experts and see working demonstrations of a wide range of equipment. Anyone looking to purchase or upgrade their AOI equipment or simply to gain a greater understanding of automated optical inspection methods is invited to attend.


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