As of July 2019, FLEX007 Magazine’s content has migrated over to our monthly DESIGN007 Magazine. Subscribe here.

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April 2019

Concept to Completion

How does one get from the concept and design of a flex circuit to the final product, especially when that product is pushing the limits of technology, is an unusual shape, has a short time-to-market, or all of the above?

January 2019

Thinking and Designing in Three Dimensions

Designing a flex circuit on a flat plane is one thing but conceptualizing and realizing its final three-dimensional configuration can be challenging. Contributing authors offer plenty of help and advice in this issue, and our columnists, as always, provide their perspective on a  wide range of flex and rigid-flex subjects.


October 2018

The Journey into Rigid-Flex

This month in Flex007 Magazine we take a closer look at the ins and outs of rigid-flex from design through assembly. Our authors provide tips to help you on your journey. There are tips for everyone, whether you are interested in the design end or concerned about assembling your product.

July 2018

Diving into Flex

If you find you are having to dive into designing or fabricating flexible interconnects, we have the information you need in this sophomore issue of Flex007 Magazine. This month’s cover art was inspired by some of the stories we’ve heard lately about companies that are being forced into using flexible and rigid-flex circuits. This is happening for a variety of reasons: Sometimes rigid boards won’t fit the shrinking enclosures anymore, or the company just needs a rugged, reliable circuit.

April 2018

Got Flex?

Welcome to the first issue of Flex007 Magazine. This new quarterly magazine is dedicated to flex system designers, electrical engineers, flex PCB designers, and anyone responsible for integrating flex into their products at the OEM/CEM level.

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